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Ghana is in West Africa, located on the Gulf of Guinea, only a few degrees north of the Equator, therefore giving it a warm climate. It borders Côte d'Ivoire to the west, Burkina Faso to the north and Togo to the east. The coastline is mostly a low, sandy shore backed by plains and scrub and intersected by several rivers and streams. Formerly, a tropical rainforest belt extended northward from the coast, but most of the rainforest was felled in the twentieth century, leaving scattered remnants, principally in the southwest, some of which are under protection. North of this belt, the land is covered by low bush, park-like savannah, and grassy plains.
   Ghana is also rich in Gold. Their people have a very rich culture and they have a very stable country with great potential for growth.
  Ghana is a very friendly country, ideal for first time travellers to Africa, the people are generally very helpful and welcoming, which is one of the reasons why tourism in Ghana is growing very quickly.

 ACCRA is the capital and most populous city of Ghana. Over 70% of Ghana's manufacturing capacity is located within this region district. Accra has been Ghana's capital since 1877, and contains public buildings reflecting its transition from a 19th century suburb of Victoriasborg to the modern metropolis it is today.
Among the attractions of Accra are the National Museum, with a display of exhibits that reflect the heritage of Ghana from prehistoric times to modern times, the National Theatre with its distinct modern architecture, Independence Square, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the Accra International Conference Centre, the fishing port at Jamestown and Makola Market.

  CAPE COAST, or Cabo Corso, is the capital of the Central Region of Ghana and is also the capital city of the Fante (Fanti) people, or Mfantsefo. It is situated 165 km west of Accra on the Gulf of Guinea. From the 16th century the city has changed hands between the British, the Portuguese, the Swedish, the Danish and the Dutch.
The town's symbol is a crab and a statue of one lies in the city centre. Fort William, built in 1820, was an active lighthouse from 1835 to the 1970s, while Fort Victoria was built in 1702. Other attractions include the Cape Coast Centre for National Culture, the Oguaa Fetu Afahye harvest festival and, since 1992, the biennial Panafest theatre festival.

  KUMASI is a city in southern central Ghana. It is located near the Lake Bosomtwe, in the Rain Forest Region about 250 km northwest of Accra. It is popularly known as "The Garden City" or "heart beat" of Ghana because of its many beautiful species of flowers and plants.
The places to visit include the large Kumasi Central Market, Tafo kumasi, Fort Kumasi (built by the British in 1896 to replace an Asante fort and now a museum) and the Kumasi Hat Museum. Royal Asante attractions include the Kumasi National Cultural Centre, the Okomfo Anokye Sword, the Asantehene's Palace and the Manhiya Palace, dating from 1925, now a museum.

  AFLAO is a city on Ghana's Togolese (eastern) border. In the eighteenth century, Aflao served as one of the major markets for the slave trade.

  Ghana representation in United Kingdom
London — Ghana High Commission 13 Belgrave square London
phone : (020) 7201.5900
London — Ghana Consulate 104 Highgate Hill London N6 5HE
Phone : (020) 8342.7580

Ghana representation in USA
Washington — Ghana Embassy3512 International Drive - NWWashington, DC 20008 Phone (202) 686.4520
Houston — Ghana Honorary Consulate3434 Locke Lane Houston, TX 77027
Phone (713) 960.8806

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